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¿What is Flamebird?


Flamebird is an opensource integrated development environment for Fenix, which is a free opensource compiler for a language derived from "DIV Games Studio". More information about Fenix can be found at the official website. Flamebird is being written in Visual Basic 6.

Flamebird is the continuation of the popular IDE for Fenix FB (Firebird), developed by JaViS. Our aim is to create a proffessional environment, avoiding the bugs of previous versions.

The lastest development version is Flamebird MX. The acronym MX, Media eXtended referes to the fact that one the major differences between this version and the previous one (known as Flamebird, FB2) is the implementation of several Fenix filetypes editors.

¿What does Flamebird MX include?

In its current development version (FBMX), Flamebird provides a set of tools that simplifies considerably the time spent to develop in fenix. Note that some of this features are not available

  • A powerfull text editor, with syntax highlighting , code completion (intellisense like technology which can be found in Microsoft VC++ or VB), code tips (which help you to remember the parameters to be passed to a function), and any other characteristics editors should have (searching tools, bookmarks, etc).
  • Projects
    Although FBMX can work with individual files, it supports creation of projects, which helps you to keep your files organized. You can browse your project files through the Project Browser.
  • Program inspector
    Working with a great amount of code lines is no longer a problem since FBMX incorporates a useful tool to keep a record of all the variables, process, constants, etc., and not only of the file you are working with but also of all the project files.
  • Use different versions of Fenix
    Sometimes we need to work with different versions of Fenix for different projects. FBMX allows you to configure the compiler you want to use for each of them, saving you from having to change it continuously.
  • Share your '.fbp' files
    We have been careful to distinguish local configuration from non-local configuration in a project file, allowing you to share your FBMX project file with other developers without coming into conflict with their configuration. This is very useful when a project has more than one developer.
  • Firetracker
    When managing a project, keeping track of issues, requests and other data can be a bit thorny. FBMX allows you to define trackers, which will help you to store this information in the project file.
  • Create, open and edit Maps
    In FBMX the map editor have been improved considerably allowing you to create new maps (from standar image formats), edit properties, modify control points, change between 8 and 16bpp and save them.

  • Create, open and edit Fpgs
    One of the most requested features to the old version (FB2
    ) was an editor of Fpgs. Now this functionality has been partially implemented. However we hope to finish it before the next release
  • Plug-in support
    You can create your own plug-ins for FBMX or use the ones which were created for Firebird 0.8. This makes FBMX a highly customizable IDE.
  • Many other features, which you will discover meanwhile you are working with FBMX...

¿What will include Flamebird?

Flamebird is still in a beta version and so there are many features that haven't been added yet such Fenix Files editors (pal, fnt...). At last, we would like to have a complete environment for fenix that combines simplicity with productivity.


Copyright (C) 2004 2007 Flamebird Team